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Pure Pursuing

Written by  on March 15, 2015

Exercise for TOEFL Writing It is still in my mind there are so many times that I have sweared to my mom I would get what a good grades in the exam, and every time I would ask for her promise about what I could get if I made it, I also remember that rarely had I finally done with it. Honestly, I feel shameful and guilty about it.

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No Persuading

Written by  on March 9, 2015

Exercise for TOEFL Writing I have checked my past years a lot, it always comes out one thing that I preferred so much–persuading. When I just entered my university, what I talked most often with my friends is why should they uninstall the software like 360 or QQ Manager entirely, I thought these software were more like wasting RAM and slowing down computer rather than protecting PCs, they are exactly inefficient and unnecessary, of course so do I think of them now. However mostly my dear friends’ responses are far away from positive while I tried so much to prove what I thought of is the truth.

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