No Persuading

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Exercise for TOEFL Writing

I have checked my past years a lot, it always comes out one thing that I preferred so much–persuading. When I just entered my university, what I talked most often with my friends is why should they uninstall the software like 360 or QQ Manager entirely, I thought these software were more like wasting RAM and slowing down computer rather than protecting PCs, they are exactly inefficient and unnecessary, of course so do I think of them now. However mostly my dear friends’ responses are far away from positive while I tried so much to prove what I thought of is the truth.

I didn’t remember since when I believed so much in that everything has a truth to follow. Many of my friends, what they use of their PCs only consists of surfing the internet, QQ or watching movies at most, they don’t do programming or always have CPU run to 100% and there is no need for them to keep their computer working efficient. At the meantime, the convenience from 360 or QQ Manager is more than resources these software waste to them, although not to me. Gradually, I started to realize finding what suits myself is easy, but it’s so hard to find what suits other exactly, anything of anyone differs.

Objectively, there is no exact truth to something of somebody, so in my past situation, persuading itself is truly inefficient and stupid.

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