Pure Pursuing

Written by    22:05 March 15, 2015 

Exercise for TOEFL Writing

It is still in my mind there are so many times that I have sweared to my mom I would get what a good grades in the exam, and every time I would ask for her promise about what I could get if I made it, I also remember that rarely had I finally done with it. Honestly, I feel shameful and guilty about it.

When I decide to study hard, what I am really working for? an award like a smart phone? envying eyes from my girl? or the study itself? neither of them is wrong, but I admit that the last one’s weight is always lightest. This is where the problem is, I decide to study hard but not firstly to improve my study, it sounds ridiculous, and it explains why in so many years it has been so difficult for me to satisfy myself. When I am doing the A, I am thinking about how good it will be to get B or C or D etc, while exactly ignoring what the A should be for. Things should not go like this, maybe it’s time for me to learn how to purse exactly what I am working for.

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