Year in 2016

Written by    00:56 January 1, 2017 

Well, no doubt that 2016 is the most glorious year in my life before.

I got my first job as a software engineer, and fortunately, I have got chance to work on some new field about algorithm: Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, while I thought I would be a web back-end engineer, so technically, I am an algorithm engineer now, that’s cool, isn’t it? Thanks to my lovely teammates, every working day is so attractive to me, not only I can get help about work from them but also to have wonderful food with them. Everything is just awesome.

However, life is never so easy, having gone through a lot of other things in the life time, I learned much too, it was a hard time…but…this is life, right? And after all, the result is not so bad.

Anyway, just hope a better new year~

P.S. Some people may be uncomfortable with my poor English writing, but this is my first change of the new year, from now on I will only use English in blogging, in other words, my post will not only be the post, but also my English writing exercise.

Here is my 2017, an end, a beginning.

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