The speech of how to use the atomic bomb

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I will start,
When I took this job, I had no idea what we were building here. When I found out I wanted to leave. Since I have been here I have done things I never imagined I was capable of. I convinced myself we were here to protect our kids from the Gestapo. Well my wife sent my kid back to the east last night to protect him from me. She told me I am a monster, a murderer. I wanted to tell her she was wrong. But I could not.
I had a speech prepared. I was going to come in here and tell you to detonate the bomb on a desert island, a demonstration for the Japanese high command. I was going to tell you that Hirohito would surrender on the spot. I was going to say let’s show restraint and we can be feared and loved and then be forgiven for bringing the gadget into the first place.
But the truth is we can be loved or we can have peace. Not both.
So if we want to change the world. And we do, gentlemen, we have to. If we want to change the world, then we need to embrace what the world will call us when we finished what we’ve started. Monsters, who erased a city without warning, a city full of civilians. And we detonate the altitude that gives us the widest blast radius, maximum destruction of infrastructure, homes, hospitals, schools. It has to be catastrophic on a scale that no one has ever imagined. If we detonate our bomb on a desert island, we might stop this war. But we won’t prevent the next one. The weapon we are testing, fat man. It is nothing. We’ll measure it in kilotons of TNT. Twenty years from now on they’ll be counting megatons, countries, continents. So I am begging you, for your kids, your grandkids, show the world what evil looks like ones. See it through. As a species, we lack in imagination, we can’t conceive of the big nightmares, genocide, mass starvation, or atomic war until we live it. We have to drop the bomb on a city in the heart of Japan. Because people need something to be afraid of. Fear is now and has always been the only thing that keeps the peace. The only thing that changes the world, changes anything, anyone. We have to be monsters today, to stop the monsters of tomorrow.

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